Aqua Synergy: January New Moon, Mark Two

Synergy31 January 2014 brings us the second New Moon in a calendar month (close to 9am on Australia’s east coast, and the afternoon/evening of 30 January in the US).

It’s quite unusual to have two New Moons in January. This New Moon feels quite magical for me. And if your intentions for the year are already slipping away, somehow, then your re-commitment is supported now.

Press the ‘try again’ button on your new year’s intention, this January-New-Moon-mark-two.

This date also marks the end of this Venus retrograde, so be sure to tie up any loose ends with respect to love and business now.

If you work with moon phases and moon signs, then you know that the New Moon is the perfect time to set an intention. To add more depth, the sign in which each New Moon falls can help guide your intention-setting.

This New Moon falls in Aquarius.

Aquarian energy lends itself to abstraction, amongst other things.

Which leads me to consider the concept of intention more closely.

I’ve been mulling over the depth of intention a lot lately, inspired by posts like this one, by my mystical healer friend, Jen Blackstock.

Jen writes of intention as medicine.

As in, the very act of setting an intention as instrumental in healing a wound. I love this.

Intention is relevant at the New Moon stage (it’s not the only relevant principle to follow in the Spencer Method: I’ll write more about how to come into balance with intention-setting later).

Here, let’s talk about intention, and how you can work with intention to heal.

Tune into your feelings at this New Moon.

(the moon is representative of feelings)

Connecting with your feelings is absolutely fundamental to successful manifestation.

Feel what you desire this New Moon, and consider what may be underlying this desire.

For example, if you are currently feeling drawn to make some sort of bigger contribution:

It may be useful to know that Aqua energy is about groups

Is what you actually want to find a way to make a difference in the context of the group: your company, your family, your country, your tribe?

There are times for the spotlight, and times to enjoy the thrill of a solo performance. But:

Aqua energy relates to the concept of synergism

that is, that the group can effect something even greater than can be contributed by the individual people who make up that group.

Here, the medicine for your soul may be to play your role in contributing to the creation of something bigger than yourself.

Aqua energy is also progressive and forward-thinking: how will you harness the energy of this lunar cycle?

I’m interested. Tell me in the comments: what is your intention for this Aquarian new moon?

(and remember: it doesn’t need to be the same as that which is suggested above: you are the co-creatrix of your own destiny!)

Please share with us in the comments below.

With love,

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6 thoughts on “Aqua Synergy: January New Moon, Mark Two

  1. Ezzie,
    I always look forward to your posts! This is SPOT ON! I had given myself a deadline (arbitrarily, I might add) of Jan 31 to finish “researching and preparing”, so that Feb 1, I could begin creating programs that will help others impact exponentially! In addition, this week should see the wrap-up of an old love and business. I’m ready to let it all go and move ahead. This is AWESOME! As always, thanks for your insights!

  2. Ezzie, I have been really looking forward to your posts an emails. As someone who LOVES a fresh start, be it a brand new notebook or the beginning of a new year, this post resonates with me so much. I do feel like I have missed the boat, being so super busy in January with a new property purchase, starting a new business and tending to my three children but now, as the loose ends are being tied up and the kids have returned to school, it is wonderful to hear that I have another opportunity to reset my intentions and begin the year again from a more settled position. Thanks for all of your words of wisdom x

    1. Oh my goodness Kristin, you have been busy!
      Congratulations on your big moments in January, and here’s to a lovely fresh start xo

  3. Again my friend, spot on!! Thanks for the peace of mind and sewing seeds of good intention for my website launch today. Rachel and I have been working on it since October and finally, today is the day to open our arms up wide and let fly!! I so appreciate all your lovin’ xo!!

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