How to Serve, this Virgo Full Moon

The upcoming Full Moon illuminates our commitment to service.

Are we giving, for real?

Why should we?

This moon is Full on Sunday 16 March 2014 in the US, and early Monday morning in Australia.

It’s a Full Moon in Virgo: the sign of devotion, the apprentice, and the mistress/master.

When the Moon climaxes in the sign of service, we feel an emotional pull to take steps towards mastering our relationship to service.

The invitation under this Full Moon is to explore more deeply what service actually means in our own life.

It’s an invitation to explore the giving dimension of service.

It’s an invitation to explore how giving-in-service feels.

‘Service’ is a term that pops up in spiritual, personal development, and entrepreneurial circles (amongst others).

Purported manifestations of service run the gamut from a full devotee-ism, to lip-service appropriation of the concept as spiritual window-dressing for our own base desires, and immediate material gain.

(in saying this, I do not mean that the path of the devotee is a lesser road that of the business woman, nor that spiritualism is necessarily independent of materialism, but that’s for another time: I digress).

Being in service often involves giving before we receive.

But what does this look like, in practice?

Giving to get something back is not quite the point.

We can’t appropriate ‘giving’ like this: the universe sees what we’re trying on, and chuckles.

But if we’re just giving, and giving, and giving: well hey, that’s recipe for burnout.

It’s probably also an indication that we have some work to do around our receptivity.

Ask yourself, and answer honestly: do you give from either of these places?

I know that I’ve done both. One of my intentions for my solar year was to more deeply—and experientially—understand the paradox of giving.

Of course, shortly my wonderful friend Jen Blackstock showed up with her teachings on energy exchange through her Celebration of Abundance program (I hope she runs this again, or writes more about energy exchange in future).

As I followed Jen’s practices, I started to experience from my heart how to give from a place from abundance.

Not having an intellectual thought process about abundance, but physically feeling how to give.

The moon helps us tap into our feeling, intuitive self.

Serving may not come in the form that you expect. It may not accord with your imagination about what your service may be.

This Full Moon, if you are drawn to unravel the complexities of service, understand that being of service is first and foremost a feeling.

It’s a feeling of abundance. An abundant exchange.

And the moon is guiding us to connect with the depth of our feeling.

So this Virgo Full Moon: feel the feeling of service.

Sit in meditation and feel the physical sensation in your body of what it feels like to give, to give from a place of fullness.

Allow yourself to notice how it is that you actually approach giving–is it like this, or do you give just to give back, or just because you think it’s the only way that you will be accepted or liked?

Allow the moon to support you in releasing anything that is holding you back from giving from a place of abundance.

Depending on where your current focus lies, this may be relevant for you in your business. Or, it may play out in other ways. If you set an intention at the Pisces New Moon nearly two weeks back, these themes may emerge in your relationship, too.

Tell me in the comments: what is your understanding of service? How does it feel for you?

And if you sit with this concept for awhile, come back and tell me how it manifests for you. I’m eager to hear.


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9 thoughts on “How to Serve, this Virgo Full Moon

  1. Hmmmm, I’m not sure why, but this seems so very relevant to me right now. I need to figure out what though. I’ve made a couple of mistakes in my scheduling recently, and somehow this seems related.
    thank you!

    1. You’re welcome, Claire. I’d be interested to hear more of your reflections around how this ties into your scheduling!

  2. Wow, Ezzie — I’m blown away by the timing of this. I rather randomly chose March 17 to launch my new offering (thinking that sounds good — St. Paddy’s Day). When I realised it was a Full Moon, figured double bonus & set my New Moon intention: to create a free opt-in gift AND new offering people would LOVE.

    But I also had the intention that it would bring ME a flood of client & sign-up love (aka the Receiving part). Which made me feel kind of divided, because I so want the service I provide to be deeper than lip service used to drive profit.
    Over the course of the month so far I’ve felt drawn to exploring generosity –what being generous really means. It blows me away that I didn’t realise Full Moon in Virgo of all signs –the sign of service!

    Thank you thank you for inspiring me to ditch “thinking through” the apparent contradiction between giving and receiving and simply Feel into what true service is from that experiential place.

    So grateful for your insight & intelligent interpretation xoxo

    1. Yes, Kate, the might is definitely in the feeling! Much more powerful than trying to intellectually nut out any apparent contradictions.

      A perfect moon for a Virgoean offering ;-)

  3. Hi Ezzie! So this ring true for me too having just had my first interview with a potential client as a student doula. My desire to serve is so strong but if I don’t hear from them I won’t be too disappointed, having just had baby number 4 10 days ago I am well and truly in service to him. Trying to be at peace with the what kind of timing the universe has in store for me regarding being in service to women and families :)

  4. PS Service for me feels fulfilling, I love being in the position to make a positive difference to people, the sense of community and belonging.

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