Seeking Truth Under a Sagittarius Full Moon

Photo of a just-about Full Moon by divine Sagittarian, Rachel MacDonald
Photo of a just-about Full Moon by divine Sagittarian, Rachel MacDonald

If you’re looking up in the sky at night, you will see that the moon is now waxing to Full.

The Full Moon peaks in fiery Sagittarius on the afternoon of Friday 13 June in Australia, early Friday morning in Europe, and late at night on Thursday 12 June in the United States.

What does this mean?

There’s more about Sagi energy below – but first it’s important to understand the context within which I write about the moon.

I work with zodiacial signs and celestial movements to illustrate a much deeper system to support you in creating a life of abundance.

If you follow my blog, you’ll know that the key to understanding the Full Moon – and relaxing in the face of the heightened emotions that emerge at this time – is to start paying attention to your inner world at the New Moon phase, about two weeks before the Full Moon.

Aligning with the entire lunar cycle is also an incredibly powerful way to start welcoming in the principles of abundance. And when I talk about abundance, I mean prosperity and wellbeing. I mean a state of harmony and flow.

Abundance involves health, vitality and cashflow. Abundance means balancing your chequebooks at the same time as balancing your life.

And we can work towards creating this each month by aligning with the lunar cycle.

Why? The lunar cycle mirrors our natural rhythm. It quietly reveals our feelings, our desires, and the patterning of our subconscious to us – if we’re willing to see it.

Oftentimes the Full Moon falls across the axis in the opposing sign to that of the New Moon two weeks earlier – lighting up the same theme that we have been working with.

Thank you to the many of you who declared their intention at the previous New Moon.

For this lunar cycle, the New Moon fell in Gemini, so we’ve been working with intentions of curiosity, discernment, playing with our child’s mind, and taking small steps towards creating a business that we love so we can usher in more abundance.

And as Sagittarius is the sign of the truth seeker, the overarching theme this lunar cycle has been about seeking the knowledge that will lead us to truth.

Now that this lunar cycle is peaking with a Full Moon in Sagittarius, in the sign directly opposing Gemini, we are invited to consider truth in a whole new way.

The path to finding our truth is counterintuitive.

At this Full Moon, we are invited to release our intention.

It may seem strange, but releasing our intentions at the Full Moon mark – offering our intentions up to the universe – is actually the necessary counterpoint to the law of attraction. Embracing impermanence is how we learn to trust, and it is how we start to relax.

We can’t really intellectualise this. It’s experiential.

And with Mercury retrograding, it’s s-l-o-w (and, as I explain in my Merc retro piece on MindBodyGreen, sometimes slow is perfect).

When we’re relaxed, we start to understand ourselves and our world in a much more profound and subtle way.

So, for those who set an intention at the Gemini New Moon two weeks ago, tell me in the comments below:

1. How is your intention evolving for you this lunar cycle?

2. And what is one specific way that you can release your intention at this Full Moon? What will that look like in your life?

Writing down your action will help you start to really understand this concept, and open the door to even greater understanding.


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14 thoughts on “Seeking Truth Under a Sagittarius Full Moon

  1. Hi Ezzie,

    In the Gemini new moon my intention was to let go of a love that no longer served me. And as you pin pointed…letting go is poignant. Poignant indeed! I finally grieved this like the loss that it was and let go, but am moving on to more positive horizons.

    I’m totally in sync with what you have said/written about above, especially the part about being in retrograde, being s-l-o-w and being counterintuitive. Absolutely love following this now that I’m getting more in sync with lunar cycles.

    One specific way I can release my intention this full moon (Friday for me) is acting as if…and trusting and relaxing into this. I believe that ‘relax’ and ‘trust’ really are the operative words in this cycle of intention setting, and that in and of itself is counterintuitive I believe. I’m trusting that things are placed exactly where they are meant to be and I’m not going to do this time, I’m just going to be and hope this is enough.

    Totes loving your work and the new found knowledge and awareness these blogs bring.

    Tahlia xx

  2. Hi Ezzie,
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge, you’re definitely helping me bring an aspect of myself into focus, and helping me re-align my life with the natural rhythms.
    My intentions at the new moon where related to connecting with the fun and explorative part of me. And I did this in my life by starting a couple of 6 week classes; one a dance class, and the other a tigress yoga class. I got so excited about getting out there and getting involved in things, having fun, and exoring more parts of myself. I was proud of myself for doing this that I really wanted to do, and allowing myself to be vulnerable in new environments. I sometimes struggle with intitiating things for myself.
    So now, the Full Moon is on it’s way and I’m definitely being told to let go. I couldn’t attend one of my classes today because of another commitment that seems to have priority. I started getting annoyed about this, but now I’m taking it as a sign to practice letting go and to trust. To not get attached to my ideas, as much as I think I know what I “should” be doing, and what’s best for me, I’ve also got to be open to the unknown, and the intuitive self. And who knows how it will evolve…
    So I’m releasing my intention, and I’m open to receiving the deepest truth underneath everything.
    Thanks again Ezzie. I came to your talk at confest and was inspired to bring the wisdom of the lunar cycle into my life.
    Much love,

    1. Oh yes, Catherine. Listening to your intuition and your heart will help you gently uncover these layers.

      So happy you were inspired to continue after seeing me talk. Much love to you.

  3. Hi,

    I had two intentions. First: Me always worrying about money. And to let that go, but not out of sight.
    I want to search for a ritual to practice on the night before the Full Moon hits Europe to let my intentions go. I guess it’s more powerful this way.
    Second: Me wanting to practice martial arts. I did not have the chance to do that, so I want to write down when I will be able to take part in a lesson again.

    xo. eva

    1. Hi Eva, how about releasing the ‘worry’ phrase in your intention?

      Reframing the intention as feeling abundance and comfort may help xo

  4. My intentions at the new moon were to be motivated and get things done.
    I’m quite the procrastinator, so I need to move things along.
    It worked well as I completed a five day juice cleanse and was prepared, and motivated to see it through. I feel fantastic and have kicked my coffee addiction to the curb so far.
    For the full moon I want to stay in this motivated motion and move forward with my plans to create and thrive within my buisness and finances will follow.
    Thanks for letting me share .

      1. I have a craft on line store called Ditto Crafts, I run it with a friend… I’m always creating but can’t seem to find that one thing that has made an impact on buyers… If you know what I mean, will keep on creating though.

  5. Wow…spot on. I don’t remember the exact wording b/c my man and I had a new moon ritual and burned our intentions, but mine was something about having a playful, sexy, secure, happy, joyful, peaceful, loving relationship.

    The letting go has truly proven itself – not only did we hit a situational crisis that prompted a huge rough spot where I had to let go of ALL MY OLD HABITS to try to save our relationship (as well as question whether I wanted to stay), but also due to situations out of our control his drive up to see me (we’re LDR) is delayed a day from tomorrow’s full moon to the day after! I wonder what it’s all teaching me…?

  6. Hi Ezzie!

    In Gemini, my intention was to tap into my child-like play. To feel each moment as it’s own and to just have more fun in my life.
    I took what you said about Mercury in retrograde and I absolutely embraced it. It tied in so perfectly with my intention that it felt like Mercury was speaking to me – no flakiness here! haha.

    I’ve switched this, and I’ve released my laziness. My business is back on track, as is my study. My partner and I have been spending a lot more time together and we’re spending a lot more time laughing.

    I’m so glad I’ve been following this lunar cycle, it really helps!

    Thank you for all you are giving to the world Ezzie xx

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