Prosperity and Wellbeing on a Solar Eclipse

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Are you feeling this eclipse season?

We had a lunar eclipse nearly two weeks back, and now we have a solar eclipse and New Moon this Tuesday 29 April.

(you know that lunar eclipses fall on Full Moons, and solar eclipses fall at the New Moon, right? They’re a bit different. Lunar eclipses represent a big, emotionally charged climax of a period of our lives, while solar eclipses are all about new beginnings).

Eclipses signal change, but change ain’t all bad, my friends. I gave a workshop on prosperity and the moon over the Easter long weekend- the first time I’ve taught this specific topic – and it was one of my most hotly subscribed with about forty attendees. People actually had to be turned away!

The energy in that room made me want to explore something new. It’s juicy, a kind of homecoming for me, and I’ll be telling you more later in this post.

Back to the coming eclipse. If you’ve been feeling a little tossed-around on the energy of the moment, you’ll be pleased to know that the most tumultuous cosmic season is drawing to a close.

This New Moon is in Taurus. It falls on Tuesday afternoon/evening in Australia, and Tuesday morning in the US.

Solar eclipses represent new beginnings, so it’s the best time to set an intention for the next chapter of your life.

What should be your intention, this lunar cycle?

Taurus is the sign of luxury, of comfort, of resources.

So, how about setting a nice, cruisy intention on this theme?

Something like:

~ I feel like I have a comfortable and luxurious life.
~ I will deepen my love for myself in this next chapter of my life.
~ I am enjoying enhanced resources this lunar cycle.

Sound nice for your next chapter? ;-)

Now, onto my intention. I’m experimenting with something that I feel you’ll like.

Little known fact: my first word was ‘money’. For real. Somewhere in my life I lost track of this, and I got stuck on struggle street. I delved into wellbeing some time ago, and did a PhD on the topic.

I’ve now been quietly integrating prosperity and wellbeing for many moons, and am finally in a place where I have a (very) healthy savings account, lucrative contracts and consulting offers, a smart investment strategy, and a client waitlist.

A far cry from when I was just a couple years ago- a broke student with a coaching side business.

Now, this hasn’t just ‘happened’. I’ve read, played, learnt, experimented, and followed the moon: for years. And I’m not talking about simple law of attraction stuff. I’ve created, learnt and am following specific steps over lunar cycles, which help me feel more abundant.

It’s actually one of the most spiritual and profound things I have ever done- in healing my relationship with money, I’m coming home to myself.

Would you like to learn my prosperity-and-the-moon secrets? If you’re interested, my intention is that there’ll be more to follow on this topic in coming weeks. But I do want to hear from you first. Indicate that you’re keen by answering these questions in the comments below:

(1) Does the idea of aligning your abundance with the moon cycle make you tingle?
(2) What does success look and feel like, for you?
(3) What is holding you back from making more money now?

I can’t wait to read your responses!

In love and prosperity,

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16 thoughts on “Prosperity and Wellbeing on a Solar Eclipse

  1. I love this Ezzie! I would love to know more.

    For me, the subject of money is still kind of icky. I still feel funny putting worth on the work I do. But I know I deserve abundance and success – it’s a catch 22 really…. I think there’s a little fear around money there.

    The idea of abundance aligning with moon cycles sounds incredible! xx

    1. Ah yes- I used to feel this too, Amelia! Following lunar principles can help – so gentle, and a way to rewire your beliefs from the inside out :-)

      Thanks for your response!

  2. Ezzie, I found your blog after reading your recent article on TinyBuddha. Your article really resonated with me as the past two years or so have been a struggle for me personally, financially, and professionally. Two weeks ago, I started a new phase of personal growth with a focus on removing the obstacles to my happiness and financial well-being. Finding your blog and method for working with lunar cycles fits in perfectly. I know I’ve been stuck in a bad relationship with money and am excited to align with this lunar cycle to create an intention towards living comfortably financially.

    1. Definitely the start of a new chapter for you then, Kelly!

      Wishing you the best with your intention of financial comfort. Keep us posted on how it evolves for you.

  3. Yes, it makes me tingle because one of my word for this year is ” Thrive” and to do so, I am determined to heal my relationship with money.
    Success looks like abundance: abundant money, abundant love, abundant health, abundant free time, abundant travelling. What has been holding me back has been fears, which I am healing one at a time. But I am now ready for the next step, so bring it on, New Moon! ;)

  4. Love the sound and feel of this. One of my key words for this year and also relates to money is ‘Freedom’. Success for me feeling free and as though money comes in and goes out with ease and grace. I notice how I’m extremely abundant in many ways and supported, but often it can feel sporadic and from one extreme to another in terms of cash flow. What is stopping me from earning more money right now? I often feel my focus needs to be honed in a tighter direction, but I’m not 100% clear what that is yet….it feels like an evolving process.

  5. Hi Ezzie
    I would love to know more, I have just signed up for a year long course, new start!
    Success for me would be more freedom, more challenges and loving what I do while being able to buy my dream home and travel. No limits.
    The last question, well I have been told a few times that money is tied to self worth so maybe that has been stopping me. I have also read that you have to act as if you already have the thing you desire. I haven ‘t done that so well obviously as my bank acc shows.
    I’m making some big changes in my life and I would love to know any secrets to prosperity you have.

    1. Thanks for writing, Tahnny.

      You’re spot on with the link between abundance and self-worth. The Taurus archetype actually is connected to both of these elements. To support the changes in your life, set an intention in alignment with what I suggest above. More secrets to follow!

  6. Ezzie, this has just been such a salient post at just the right juncture in my life. I have been following your posts and seminars for the last few months, trying to really actively draw what you say into my daily thinking (and feeling). Especially around money. When I set an intention back in August last year after doing a workshop with you in Amsterdam, I never thought it would come to be. It has. To the dollar!!

    I had spent weeks and months happily musing on the subject, always including it in my lunar intentions as a sort of anchor. I received a long awaited email this morning about the funding coming through (UK time, it’s Tuesday morning – bang on the Taurus eclipse!) Thank you thank you, when I came up with that figure in August I did not know it could be possible. Great journey, great guidance. Cant wait to start on the next intention! xx

  7. 1. The idea DEFINITELY makes me tingle. I have a weird habit of being afraid of not knowing where I am stepping on in the various areas of my life, and money is definitely a place where I feel a lot of uncertainty and I often feel that because I don’t know a lot of people and I don’t come from a rich family that can help me out with money I have a disadvantage to making true dollars. For some reason I believe that to make money you have to me super smart, and I don’t really see myself as super smart.

    2. Success for me looks like having the time to enjoy my family, friends, and the entire world, always being truly and genuinely happy with everything around me, and being able to treat myself with any luxury I wish for because I have a job that creates money easily and comfortably.

    3. I just graduated from Med School and after careful consideration I knew this isn’t what I wanted to do (or at least I know that wasn’t the way I wanted to help out with people’s health), so I enrolled in a program to become a certified Health Coach but I haven’t completed it yet, I don’t have any creative and/or new ideas to show to the world and I have a limiting belief that in order to make money you have to have SOME money. And I don’t like to admit this but I don’t feel like many people would want to hear me out, I feel like not many people truly like me.
    I hate sounding like I don’t love myself, I do I do love myselg, but I know i lack a lot of things/qualities that can support me into starting to make money.

  8. Hi Ezzie,
    In really intrigued to know more about this, my husband and I have just become self employed, I get quite worried about of the time about our financial success. .
    Also, on a personal level, I feel like I am in a new beginnings phase of personal growth, giving up alcohol, becoming whole. .I feel like I have a new career path that I am passionate about ahead of me that has not unfolded yet..
    I feel this is just the beginning!

  9. 1. Yes
    2. Turn scarcity mode to abundance and eliminate any financial fears/debts and love money and the freedom it brings

  10. Hi Ezzie,
    I am not sure what took me so long to find you, but as a moon maiden cancerian, it for sure makes me tingle at the thought of aligning my abundance with the moon cycle. Plus I’m about to embark on a big adventure of travel and personal growth where I am seeking to reconnect and be soully guided by my intuition so I’m very interested to hear more. Success to me would be having the financial independence to do the things, go to the places I feel drawn to and make a difference in the world. It would feel like bliss, happiness overflowing, health, vitality and synchronicity. The only thing I believe holding me back is my mindset, and in particular self belief. Thanks Ezzie. I look forward to reading your future posts.

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