A Power Full Moon (Did Someone Say Scorpio?)

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A week or two ago, I asked if you wanted to find out my secrets to creating a life of prosperity. 

The response was overwhelming. My inbox was flooded with messages from women like you who told me how much you were ready for prosperity, financial comfort- and abundance.

Consider the message received, loud and clear!

You were tingling at the prospect of combining prosperity with lunar rhythms. Why? The moon represents our feeling selves, our feminine selves, our natural flow and rhythm.

Following the moon is a safe and simple way to connect with our deepest knowing and wisdom, to come into balance with our deepest and most feminine selves.

Following specific steps throughout the lunar cycle, we start to be able to predict our mood, and come into a place of peace- so we can then receive and feel a greater flow of abundance coming into our lives. With ease. In balance.

You told me you wanted more of this- yay! This is big and it’s deep, so I’m working behind the scenes to create products to teach this with the attention that it – and you – deserve. Interested? My email list will hear the details first. Click here for an intro to my work, and to join my list.

In the meantime, you will learn a bit more in each of my articles, published on each New and Full Moon. 

So, are you looking up at night right now?

Are you watching the Moon grow from New to Full?

This next Full Moon is in Scorpio.

What does this mean?

Scorpio = the power sign.

Scorpio energy can also be intense, obsessive. That’s why my advice below is so important under a Scorpio Full Moon.

This Full Moon is stirring the deepest darkest desires in your soul- with an intensity that you cannot ignore.

No worries.

We’ve been conditioned to celebrate the ‘light’, but it is in our meeting and acceptance of where the light meets the dark- your desires, and all that accompanies your deepest emotional urges - that we are able to access our deepest power.

So take a moment now to place one hand on your heart.

Cast your mind back to your intention for this lunar cycle, set two weeks ago at the New Moon.

Are you so consumed with the intensity of your intention, that you are losing sight of other things in your life- your health, your diet, your ability to help others? Your intimacy with a partner, your romance with yourself?

It may seem counter-intuitive to release an intention rather than fixate on it.

But once we’ve visioned, once we’ve clarified, once we’ve affirmed, and once we’ve felt:

The detachment, the letting go is actually exactly what we need to do.

So right now, try this: offer up your New Moon intention to this Full Moon.

Give fully, and with an open heart. Trust that you are supported. Allow her to take this, hold this, support you as you sink into the depth of what you desire: accepting that the intensity is part of it, too.

Not something to be purified, not a part of you to ‘overcome’.

It’s you. A part of you. And you’re perfect. All of you.

This is a deeper, a more real experience of what it is like to sink into your own creative energy. Your abundance energy. Your power.

Take a moment to do this now, and then tell me in the comments:

How are you feeling about your New Moon intention?

How does it feel to release your intention at the Full Moon?

I want to hear from you.


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10 thoughts on “A Power Full Moon (Did Someone Say Scorpio?)

  1. Hey Ezzie, Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us honey. I’ve become way more conscious to the cycles and much more clear about setting intentions, putting them out to the universe and allowing the universe to manifest them if they feel it is right for me.
    Hope all is well with you honey.
    Bella xx

    1. => and allowing the universe to manifest them if they feel it is right for me.

      Absolutely perfect, Bella. And I’m sparkling- thanks for asking! xo

  2. Oh Ezzie, this screams of so much truth! My New Moon intention was to charge forth with ideas and visions to make things happen but I’ve realised this past couple of days that it’s been at the expense of a couple of things – the overwhelm getting to me today and not being able to move forward. Paralysed by potential. I asked for some guidance and your lovely newsletter came through – offering my intention to the Full Moon has changed the energy. I feel much more calm and hope to start tomorrow with a new outlook and way of doing things. LOVE this! Thank you! Xx

  3. Hi Ezzie, I feel the intensity of this full moon, and I’m certainly getting the *tingling* like something powerful is in the air. Like things are shifting around me, but I’m relaxed and happy about it this time, because I’m getting more comfortable with all this.

    Releasing my intention at the full moon feels right, and I feel a bit nostalgic/happy & sad about it – mixed emotions! It’s intense for sure! Perhaps a trip down memory lane, but also noticing how far I’ve come, and feeling relaxed and happy about that for the first time ever! It’s great to be at this point where you are no longer ‘clutching for straws’. I’m definitely trusting more this full moon too. I’ve been doing your meditations lately ;-), I bet that’s helped me a stack with it all too.

    Letting go is something I have always struggled with, but after clearing out some old stuff, I’m definitely more at peace with things. Letting go is how we create the space for what we really want, and holding that space. Looking forward to your next post x x x

    1. Wise words, Tahlia- letting go definitely creates the space, but it can be poignant too.

      So happy to hear you’re enjoying the meditations. The heart opening one really helps with this! xxx

  4. I could definitely feel the power of it all last night. Things felt surreal and almost magical for me, do you know what I mean? I even lit a candle and had a chat with Jeremiel before I went to sleep, it was about something in my personal life and today I have felt much more at ease about it all, it seemed to help me come to a decision without it feeling forced or fixed.

    That’s my personal life though, I’m still trying to work out the next steps for my career! I wish I had set an intention earlier in the month because I feel like I could have gotten somewhere with the intention as I’m really feeling the moon’s pull this month. I might give it a go tonight anyway :)

    1. The best bit? Now you’re paying closer attention to the lunar cycle, you’ll feel the pull of the next one too, Sarah :-)

  5. Loved this post Ezzie. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

    My new moon intention was to bring more ritual, ceremony and enchantment to this new chapter.

    Im feeling as though my intention became embedded in my daily life. I’m releasing it to the full moon with an open heart and trust that ritual, ceremony and enchantment will continue to find me.

    I am feeling the next chapter (my power) shaping up and can see it coming to form around my coaching business. Im excited for new territory and whats to come.

  6. Hi Ezzie, thank you for sharing your wisdom. My new moon intention is to sit in my truth and see more of the real me as it is uncovered. I aspire to share the miracles of transformation and to continue to live a life of peace and joy.

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