New Moon in Gemini: A Less Intense Moon

Ezzie_sculptureAre you ready to lighten your mood a little?

We’ve had a heavy ride lately. I have never had so much contact from people asking what was going on in the moon and stars, with so many of you experiencing more bumps than usual.

That most recent Scorpio Full Moon turned the spotlight on our inner worlds so that we could plumb the depths of our stuff.

Not in a masochistic way, but to allow us to better see our shadow.

Not to ‘cleanse’ or purify ourselves- but to understand our deep driving forces, to look squarely at the dark side of ourselves, and deeply accept who we really are.

Necessary, but heavy.

(Scorpio eh- so magnetic, but so intense!).

We’ll return to this theme in due course. In the meantime, I’m sure that many of you will be delighted to hear that we’re headed into a less full-on lunar cycle with the next New Moon. Yippee!

The next New Moon is in Gemini.

(the next New Moon falls in the wee hours of the morning of Thursday 29 May in Australia, and on Wednesday 28 May in the US).

New Moons are the time to set an intention for the month ahead. This is lunar intention-setting, so it’s not all about hardcore goals and achievement- that’s more solar goal-setting, a more yang approach.

In my experience, New Moons have a yin energy: a time to set a thematic intention to welcome something new into your life.

As you know, I’ve been introducing you to the concept of lunar prosperity in recent weeks. This is the kind of prosperity that involves a greater flow of money into your life – but it’s not just about money. It’s about living a life in balance.

Now- this type of transformation does not develop overnight. It involves a gentle adjustment, and is best done over the course of several lunar cycles.

The first step is to set an intention at the New Moon, the start of the lunar cycle.

And, happily, that’s around now.

So what intention should you set, this New Moon?

As Gemini is a light-hearted energy, I suggest that you really pace yourself, and open yourself up to new ideas, without orchestrating the outcome.

Some ideas for you:

~ Exercise your curiosity. Be inquisitive. What new skills could you learn that would bring you closer to a career or business that speaks to your soul?

~ Not sure yet? What book is jumping off the shelf begging to be read? What conversation did you just overhear that piqued your interest? Pay extra attention to words.

~ And most of all: Have fun! Play! Experiment with your child’s mind.

Gemini moon can whir into overdrive with the ‘how to’. It’s analytical. It’s an air sign, which gels more with thoughts than with feelings.

But remember to stay with your feelings. You don’t need to script exactly ‘how’ to create the life of your dreams, just now.

There’s a much deeper level of support to come for you on all of this– I’m working behind the scenes on that – but for now, just set an intention for the next thirty days, just for this lunar cycle.

What is your Gemini New Moon intention? Tell me your intention in the comments below so that we can support you- those who have done this before can attest that this makes you feel a lot more committed throughout the lunar cycle!

With love

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36 thoughts on “New Moon in Gemini: A Less Intense Moon

  1. I would really love to be able to welcome a new way of caring for myself. I’m actually overwhelmed at where I should place my attention, and when you say “have fun, play!” I don’t know how to do that. I actually resist playing. So yes, I want all of these fun, playful things to come in, and I also want to be able to receive them too!

    1. Yes Erin- having fun is key! Set an intention for this and it will become apparent how to play this lunar cycle :-)

  2. I have just started to read the desire map by Danielle laporte, so my intention for this new moon is to find out what my core desired feelings are. I feel like it is the perfect time to do this :) x

  3. I would like to meet new people and make some new friends. I would also like my new online business to take the next step so that I can change my lifestyle and start to live how I want to.

  4. I’m about to start a new job so I would like to set the intention to learn from this job whatever it is I need.. New ideas, new people, new challenges, whatever it may be.

  5. Hi, I just left my job, the future is very uncertain. I want to find a soul mate and a job that inspires and motivates me to grow and thrive. I want to learn to have fun and enjoy life’s little pleasure. I want to be carefree and not worry so much, to live in the moment. I want to be like a child , curious and eager to try new things.

  6. I would like to bring in the clarity, trust and inspiration needed to start making a profit in my current business.

  7. To play involves trust – and that’s a hard one for me. So I would like to trust the universe so I can let go and play this month – even as heavy duty family/work obligations press down. I’d like to stay light and open so I can see what the universe is bringing to me.

    1. Yes, play and trust will definitely bring more lightness for you Meg. You may be a little tested with trust over the next week or so – especially at the quarter mark of the lunar cycle – but continuing to sit with your intention daily will really help.

  8. Hi Ezzie – perfect timing – I am just beginning to think about how I would like my life to be and also to find out what I would like to be doing, which would bring me fulfillment. Your message for the New Moon in Gemini will help me to be more aware of my goals and bring my dreams to fruition.

  9. This one was easy, I just want to feel the fun in my life. I want to stop succumbing to the lazy side of me and ensure I awaken the fun-loving, child-like play that I love so much. I don’t want this to pass me by, I need to feel every experience in its fullest instead of letting it pass me by without emotion.

    Kira x

  10. I want to worry less about my financial situation, but still keep an eye on it and try to figure out some fun ways how I can make it being less of a pressure. And I want to keep going to martial arts classes.

  11. I want to feel some direction in my life. I have been struggling lately with what to do with my life in terms of pleasure and career or what my purpose is in this world. I want to feel that moment when you know “this is what I am meant to be doing” :)

  12. I intend to see the beauty in my 8 year old son and enter into his world more fully as an ally and a guide, through the spirit of play. I intend ease and lightness in my business. I intend a sense of freedom and joy, connection with and time in nature.

  13. Hi Jesse, as a mama of two small children who has been kidding and in adequate amount of sleep over the past several months, my days alone with the kids have devolved into a marathon movie/tv show watching session. I want to find the play and fun in our days again. I want to shut the computer screens and do something that lights us up instead of zones us out.
    I have a really hard time being in the space in between. In between ending a bad habit and when a good/replacement one actually forms and becomes routine. So this “trust” and not knowing exactly what to do and not trying to figure out the “hows”… Is very difficult for me to just allow, and sit with, & let be… Without either rushing back into the old habits, or prematurely shoving another one in its place that might not be the best fit.
    For being a light and playful intention… This one makes me the most nervous of all.

    1. Haha! Sorry it says Jesse at the top! I used the voice recorder on my phone to post that comment and thought I got all the spell errors. Oops!

      1. You can voice record blog comments?! So cool. Am impressed that’s the only mistake :-)

        Absolutely love your intention and discerning questions too, Elaine. Putting the ‘how’ aside for the time being is key. That will come. xo

  14. I want to be less intense and uptight in my work life and trust myself to more in the decisions I make. I want to be generally more relaxed in my life.

  15. This past lunar cycle I started drawing and painting again. I’ve found that as I’m not in the same space I was in when I used to paint and draw, I’m interested in using different brushes and pens along with a different color palette. To expand on this, for the next lunar cycle I intend to explore new subject matter. I’m looking forward to researching and doodling and seeing what that brings to my art!

  16. Thank goodness for a less intense moon phase! I’ve just completed the first month in a 4 month yoga teacher training & wow has it been a wild ride so far. It’s as if we’ve all come unraveled, especially this past weekend. The energy was so heavy & heady around the studio. I’m looking forward to a bit of energetic levity! Through this YTT process, my ego has been cracked wide open. And as Rumi says, the cracks are where the light comes in! So I am working to “fill” those cracks with patience, self compassion & authenticity. So my intention is to discover, honor & live my truth. And to get out of my own way & allow this process to unfold. I’ve spent practically 38 years of my life living in fear – fear of failure, fear of defeat, fear of rejection, etc. That “story” has held me back in so many areas of my life. That story is old & stagnant. Time to close that book. Time for a new volume, blank page, fresh start. Thank you new moon for the opportunity to clear the path! Thank you, Ezzie for holding space for us here!

  17. my intention for this new moon is to be heard. i will write one instapost every day which allows me to express my creativity both through writing and image as well as submitting 7 guest blogs.

  18. I have only a few days ago left my partner of 20 years, left my job and my home to move back to stay with my parents over 300 miles away so I would love a lot more lightness in the next month. I would love to find a way to have more fun, to meet new friends, be able to repair myself mentally and be able to enjoy being creative again.

  19. My intention for this new lunar cycle is to get in touch with my inner child. I rarely play or have really creative ideas anymore and I no longer feel like I can accomplish everything that I want. I truly wish that I can be/feel as I did as a kid, I believed I could do ANYTHING and truly believed I could bring a brighter future for the world :)

  20. My intention is to find the calm in the storm. To surrender/trust in the process that has many areas in my life in a state of unknown.

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