Being a Co-Creatrix Under the Lunar Light of Leo


The next Full Moon falls just before 11am on Saturday 15th February on the Australian east coast, and on the evening of Friday 14th February in the US.

Lunar tracking is a lovely, gentle way to start to come into deeper alignment with your own intuition.

Moreover, New Moons are a time to set intentions: to lean into your ‘creator’ aspect of being a co-creator. Full Moons, on the other hand, are the times to lean into the ‘co’ dimension of being a co-creator.

That’s a lesson under a Leo moon for sure, as the energy of the creative selfie tantalises.

This Full Moon, allow yourself to be taken care of. Allow yourself to trust that the universe will provide whatever it is that is perfect for you at this time.

Everything in balance.

Leo is highly creative, so let’s dance and draw and sing and manifest. But not at the expense of our true path.

If we fixate too much on our intentions set at the New Moon, we can become too attached to that which is not really permanent, anyway. So, while the New Moon is the perfect time to feel into our desires and connect with them in this way, the Full Moon is the perfect time to practice the principle of non-attachment.

This is not easy, under the lunar light of Leo.

Moreover, this Full Moon falls at the midpoint of the Mercury retrograde, which runs from 7th-28th Feb.

Oh, la la. This period can feel so frustrating, fraught with miscommunication and misadventure as plans slide backwards (as my property sale is delayed, I groan with you). But hey, there’s a reason for it.

Sometimes we must be reminded that life does not always zoom by so fast.

We can enjoy the flow times the most when we have our systems down pat.

This is the time where we can slow down, and ensure our details are in order.

Now it’s time to review the fine print in all our contracts, in all our written materials, in our emails, communication, our spreadsheets.

(oh yes, and back-up our websites and laptops!).

See the thing is, at the end of the day:

This retrograding, emotionally intense, polarising time is perfect, because all time is perfect.

Perfection does not mean ideal, nor does it mean constant pleasure.

Perfection does not mean an easy ride.

Perfection means that everything is already okay; that there is an order, and that if you are showing up, staying true to your desires, consciously witnessing your actions and doing your bit: well, then, you are playing your part in the play of life.

Understanding perfection will help you to release control over that which is out of your hands, right now.

(and there it is: my own sincere attempt at relinquishment this Full Moon).

Understanding perfection means that you are able to accept that you are not a creator: you are creating in confluence with others, with the divine, with the universe.

That there is a bigger picture.

To cling to any other view will bring you suffering, in the end.

So, under the lunar light of this Leonine Full Moon: let it go, let it go, let it go.

And tell me in the comments: to what you are bidding adieu?

xo Ezzie

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4 thoughts on “Being a Co-Creatrix Under the Lunar Light of Leo

  1. hmmmm very interesting as feeling very frustrated and foggy at the moment. Also seems perfect with this building energy that I’ve had firemen here today – how very leo and fiery ;-) Is it my leo rising that feels this impact? love xx

    1. Exactly, Trudy. We can act in integrity and from our own truth, but we can’t control the happiness of others.

      Let me know how you go with this through the rest of this lunar cycle!

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