Everything in Equilibrium, this Libran Full Moon

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Hooo boy. This next Full Moon, on 15 April, is a biggie.

Lucky this is a Libran Full Moon- the sign that represents a polite balancing of the scales.

If our lives are not in equilibrium now, adjustments under this Full Moon will make that happen. 

Why? There is a lunar eclipse this Full Moon (and it falls against the backdrop of a grand cross between some zodiacial heavy-hitters- as I mentioned back in January).

In other words, the year is really moving and shaking now.

Can you feel it?

Eclipses are accelerators, so you’ll likely find that whatever it is that you’ve been consciously working on this year will start to bear fruit- fast.

If you’ve been feeling like this year has already been moving ahem, quickly (as is the case for me!) you may well find that the pace picks up even more in the second half of April.

If you’ve been clocking up some serious work time already this year, is it time for you to take a quick pause – a brief reprieve – now, to bring some joy and play back into your life?

On the other hand, if you’ve been lounging around a little too much- consuming rather than producing, scanning & watching rather than thinking and implementing – then you may find it’s time to really buckle down now and get to work.

Whichever it is for you, allow yourself some time over this Easter weekend to get your ducks in a row.

In the Gregorian calendar, Easter Sunday is the Sunday following the first Full Moon of the astrological new year (the paschal Full Moon, following the vernal equinox).

On this April Full Moon, and over this Easter weekend, consciously guide your life back into balance. ~click to tweet this~

I’m curious- have you been overachieving and will spend this Easter resting to prepare for your next chapter?

Or, is it time now for you to buckle down and get productive?

Tell me in the comments.

With love,


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8 thoughts on “Everything in Equilibrium, this Libran Full Moon

  1. Sooo relieving/eerie to read this! Since the new moon has been growing, I’ve been in a desperate feeling of unbalance and have been dying for some equilibrium! Must be the libran-ness of me! Is there any practices/rituals/exercises you can recommend to help facilitate this process alongside the lunar change?

    1. Yes, Sarah! Give yourself some quiet time tonight to allow your gaze to move inwards and ask your Libran heart what you need to do/release to come into balance now.

      You don’t need to worry- everything will unfold naturally, in perfect timing.

      If you’re after a short guided meditation to help facilitate this, you can download one from my homepage.

  2. The year has been going so fast, it’s all been kind of exhausting and overwhelming and I really don’t feel like I’ve found time or MADE TIME to properly set my goals and put a bit of work in. Hoping to get some inspiring lists and thoughts down over Easter.

    Thanks for the guidance and inspiration!

    1. Awesome, Meg.

      Good luck with the goal setting, and remember to take some total down time too- sometimes the best inspiration strikes when we are most relaxed!

  3. Definitely the time for me to buckle up and get to work. Been lounging too long. Using this full moon period to hit reset, release those lazy vibes and get swept up in the energy of moving forward! Thanks Ezzie, loved the article x

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