Are You Courageous Enough?

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The next New Moon falls early in the morning of 31 March 2014 in Australia, and on the afternoon of 30 March in the US.

As you’re setting an intention this New Moon, ask yourself: where in your life do you need to show some courage?

Where in your life are you being asked to feel the proverbial fear, and do it anyway?

This New Moon follows the Autumnal Equinox downunder, the Spring Equinox in the North. The turning of the seasons, the turning of the astrological new year.

The Sun moved into Aries over a week ago: now the Moon catches up for a kiss, also in Aries.

And with this Aries New Moon, this year is on.

Whatever calendar you observe — Western/Julian, Chinese or almanac — 2014 is now in full swing. And it will only heat up further from now.

In archetypal terms, Aries is the sign of initiation. Of activation. The starting.

(as if it all wasn’t already happening!)

All archetypes can play out in balanced and imbalanced ways.

Aries energy has the reputation of a warrior, of charging forth. But when Aries energy is imbalanced, we see it contract. We can see it shrivel in the face of fear.

That is one path. You can choose to stay where you are.

But is it time for you to be courageous, this New Moon?

To feel fear, and expand beyond it. Feel into a future that is available to you, and forging ahead to actually live your dreams now.

So, take a moment to pause and reflect on where you may be holding yourself back because of fear.

This may be immediately apparent, or you may need to go inwards and sit in meditation, or to move your body and empty your mind, to allow space for your truth to drop in.

It may help to talk it out, journal it out, to allow your truth to emerge.

Your question: where are you feeling the fear in your life? How is it holding you back?

Is it finally enrolling in that exotic dance class which intrigues you? Is it asking your boss for a payrise, or raising your client rates? Could it be a conversation in your relationship, or even taking on a new parenting responsibility?

Or is it something more intangible for you? Have you had a lurking feeling for awhile that you have been wrong about something?

What would it take to admit — even to yourself — that this was the case? How would it feel afterwards?

Answering these questions can lead us to deeper self-awareness. Acting on our answers can open up our freedom and allow us to experience our horizons. And that is why we should be courageous – if we’re truly up for living the life that we hope for.

So, tell me in the comments: what will you face up to, this lunar cycle?

And how might that change things for you?

xo Ezzie

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9 thoughts on “Are You Courageous Enough?

  1. Hi Ezzie – what you are describing I am finding has started already, so what you say is spot on ! I am focussing on and actively preparing myself for work in April with quite scary aspects I haven’t done before. ‘First times’ I find are usually requiring courage ! Thanks so much, love your newsletters. Julia, Sydney :)

  2. I just love getting your posts Ezzie.

    This month, I am challenged with a busy school holidays with my three children, a growing and labour intensive business that I love, visitors from overseas and a partner who will be absent from it all! I have had a feeling of ‘how am I going to do this’ which has bordered on dread – but reading your post helps me put it in perspective. I will definitely be thinking about courage when I’m planning my intentions this month x

    1. Mmm, Kristin. I wonder if your most courageous moments will be around prioritising your self-care in this busy time (and sometimes that involves saying ‘no’ to ever more requests of us, even when others are used to us saying ‘yes’).

      Good luck with the month ahead. And thanks for the lovely feedback! Makes me want to keep writing :-)

  3. Wow.
    I’m feeling the full force of it all right now – I’ve got a program that I am working on, and am planning on launching at the end of April, and things have been so busy recently that I’ve not been working on it as much as I want. I guess I need to get brave about figuring out my priorities.

    Thanks for bringing clarity to some muddy waters!

    1. Exactly, Claire. I know you’re busy, but as you set your intention, it’ll be interesting for you to observe if there is anything else holding you back from finishing your program.

  4. Wow Ezzie! Spot on as always, and so clearly articulated.

    I’ve been too scared to look for a better job (despite feeling incredibly frustrated in the current role) because I’m only part time and felt like no employer would be interested unless I was willing to go full time. You’ve inspired me to talk to my boss about how I’m feeling and put my feelers out to my network to look for other options.
    Thank you!!

    1. Great, Alex! Sensitive handling of that topic could open up a solution that you haven’t even imagined yet.

      I’d also be focusing on how you want to feel in your job (current/future).

      Good luck! xo

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